One of the famous aircraft companies, Cessna has achieved the best plants winner based on the Industry Week. Their quality metrics was assessed as very very good. For them, “Quality Preparation Delivers Quality Excellence”… Thanks to Cessna’s Quality manager, Jesus Acosta, he revealed to us the secret behind their quality management. Let’s take a look!


“Quality Preparation Delivers Quality Excellence”

Cessna Mexico applies a “holistic” system of quality with a variety of systems and approaches working together to achieve and sustain quality excellence. They also apply a “visual” system of quality. It can be seen by how Cessna Mexico’s walls are lined with visual boards that outline the projects, the KPIs, the resources and other details that keep improvement both top of mind and easy to access.

3. Fast Response to Quality Management (FRQM)

Just like FRQC, the aim of the FRQM system is a quick response, but its customer is the quality department. There are components in FRQM, some of them are visual control plans for special processes that give users the critical characteristics of the manufacturing processes in an easy-to-comprehend way. Layered audits and a lessons-learned tracking system also help achieve the quick-response objective.

In conclusion, time and attention given to analysis is very important.

Source: Industry Week SBE Inspection, your partner in inspection and quality control services in Asia