Get a detailed picture of your Supplier’s Quality System and Manufacturing facilities

A trained SBE Auditor will perform based on ISO9001:2015 an in-depth on-site assessment of your potential Supplier from their quality system, commercial registrations, organizational structure, infrastructure, production capacity, R&D, QA/QC and more. Analyze and select your Suppliers wisely!

Why do you need a FAD?

  • Verify Supplier's facilities are operational and suitable
  • Ensure that Supplier's management policies comply with your own
  • Identify potential quality, operational, and ethical risks
  • Evaluate the competence of the factory manufacturing practices

FAD Report Sections

  • Supplier location, business license, export license, certificates and other documents (as requested)
  • Bank accounts confirmation, Legal representative info and Commercial Matrix investigation
  • Photographs & Videos of general infrastructure of the suppliers facilities (administration building, and productive plant) in their different areas
  • Scored Assessment Sections: OfficeS, Organizational Structure, Commercial & Purchasing, Material Handling, Manufacturing Process & Capacity analysis, Quality Management Assessment, Organizational Structure, Loading & Warehouse
  • Social Compliance Assessment
  • R&D Research and Development Assessment


China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Mexico, India, Bangladesh, Turkey, South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Western Europe, United Estates, Colombia, Chile
and more...

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