SBE is entrusted by the customer to collect relevant information about the customer's suppliers. After the collected information is provided to the customer, the customer will only be allowed to use it for the intended purpose. SBE also ensures not to provide the collected information to other parties other than the customer, however SBE will not be responsible for the customer's use of the information for purposes other than the intended purpose.


Moreover, SBE is entrusted by the customer to collect relevant information about customer‘s suppliers. The collection of such information is limited to legal channels and legal scope. SBE is only the collector of information, SBE is not the information´s manufacturer, confirmer or reviewer. Whether the information is submitted by the supplier or obtained through other channels, SBE cannot guarantee that the information content is objective, effective, true or comprehensive, Moreover, SBE cannot guarantee that the business decisions and judgments made by customers according to the information collected by SBE are correct.


Objectively, information collection cannot cover all channels. SBE has limited information collection methods and channels. The information collected and provided to customers may be different from the information held by customers. Customers should remain independent and rational and keep a sufficient judgment and screening on such differences.