Pre Shipment Inspection of packed goods for final confirmation a few days before shipment. (80%-100% progress)

SBE is ISO certified company, provides Pre Shipment inspection services for final products in different countries. Its Inspection services determines quality of goods and accurate valuation of goods for payable duties and taxes.
It is critical to check you products' quality and compliance to requirements before they leave Supplier's facilities. This may be the last chance to correct issues without affecting your delivery time. So, take action for your factory inspection and improve the quality!

Why do you need a FPI (PSI)?

  • Avoid business losses due to costly goods returns or rework
  • Save time and money by solving problems before shipment
  • Improve quality by taking immediate corrective actions with your supplier's
  • Ensure efficient warehouse management with correct packing and labeling
  • Guarantee high customer satisfaction by shipping the right goods
  • Protect your brand and reputation
  • Monitor your supplier's performance

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