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Our quality control services help you to secure your goods
all along the procurement cycle!


Before Production starts, the appropriate handling and use of incoming materials (raw materials) is critical to achieve the required manufactured products Quality. SBE will allow you to ensure thee through an onsite Production survey. Know more

FRI FIRST RUN INSPECTION - Find issues at early stages and fix (< 20% progress)

Prevent non-conforming goods by inspecting the first pieces of production. (Before 20%). defects and mistakes happen during the first stages of the production process or the first manufactured units. When issues are detected and corrected on time, delivery times do not get affected. Know more

OPI ON-PROCESS INSPECTION - Monitor inline the progress and issues (<80% progress)

Monitor and control your production and process variability. (20%-80% progress). Monitor your order status, inspect intermediate sub-assemblies or semi-finished products before production is about to be finished. Know more


Pre Shipment Inspection of packed goods for final confirmation a few days before shipment. (80%-100% progress). Know more


Prevent penalties & losses for damaged, incomplete, changed or missing goods. This inspection is designed, under the approval & certification of an official Mexican Customs Agent, to save time and money once shipment arrive to Mexican Ports and when Customs Clearance is held. Know more


Delivery time?

Regardless of the type of inspection, SBE Inspection & Compliance commits to the following delivery times:

  • PRELIMINARY report delivered same day and in REAL-TIME(China,Vietnam) . Less than 12 hours after the completion of the Service.
  • FORMAL report delivered in less than 24 hours after the completion of the service.

What is included?

  • Tailor-made Quality control plan configuration (100% personalized).
  • Online Reporting, as long as an internet connection is established
  • Reports can be shared with an URL and PASSWORD
  • Pictures can be enlarged for a better resolution and Review of labels, products etc.
  • Account Manager is assigned (same time zone)
  • Project Manager assigned (China, Taiwan, Vietnam etc.)

On-Site working hours

All services are calculated in man days of actual 8 on-site working hours, regardless of how many hours inspectors take for traveling, meals or reporting... Transparency and real value for your money!

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