Stay away from fines & re works through SBE label verification and certification service. Confirm, validate, guarantee the compliance of your labels.

For a premium fee and as a supplement of SBE Container Loading Supervision service (in Mexico recognized as PREVIO SERVICE), for all the goods inspected at origin, the importer can request a LABEL VERIFICATION service, or even more a LABEL CERTIFICATE (CONSTANCIA) as evidence of label registration with Mexican authorities.

By acquiring this service, the CLS report will include an appendix denominated “NOM Label Compliance Section” where a certified UVA (Authorized Verification Unit) will review and validate whether your products' labels comply with the applicable NOM standard, and if you desire, to issue the relevant registration certificate.

Why do you need this service?

  • Identify Issues and apply corrective actions on time
  • Avoid business losses due to mistakes not found from origin.
  • Ensure label conformity  of your goods.
  • Confirm in advance whether the label complies with the applicable NOM standard.
  • Assure an effective custom clearance process.


  • On-site evidence for your labels
  • Analysis and validation by the Accredited Verification Unit (UVA in Spanish)
  • Approve or rejection of the design and content of the commercial and technical information on the labels according to the applicable NOM standards.


  • Label Verification Service

Before your container arrives to any mexican port...

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