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per man/day

China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Mexico

Zone 2

per man/day

India, Bangladesh, Turkey, South Korea,
Malaysia, Thailand,  Cambodia, Europe, US and more...

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* Prices may be subject to change for remote locations

What is included?

  • Tailor-made Quality control plan configuration (100% personalized).
  • Online Reporting, as long as an internet connection is established
  • Reports can be shared with an URL and PASSWORD
  • Pictures can be enlarged for a better resolution and Review of labels, products etc.
  • Account Manager is assigned (same time zone)
  • Project Manager assigned (China, Taiwan, Vietnam etc.)
  • Real Value for your money! Regardless of how many hours inspectors take for traveling, meals or reporting, we measure working days by 8hrs of actual work at the inspection location(s) per mission.

Delivery time

Regardless of the type of inspection, SBE Inspection & Compliance commits to the following delivery times:

  • PRELIMINARY report delivered same day and in REAL-TIME (China,Vietnam) . Less than 12 hours after the completion of the Service.
  • FORMAL report delivered in less than 24 hours after the completion of the service.

Commercial Terms

  • Inspection & Audit rates are defined in number of Man/Days.
  • All Inspection & Audit services are by default quoted as 1 man/day excepting:
    Factory Audit ($598), Social Accountability Audit ($650), Food Audits (by case)
  • Western Inspectors Available for an extra 30% + Travel Expenses
  • Urgent Bookings subject to a 30% surplus (<72 hrs for for all services, weekend is not counted)
  • Inspection and other services on holidays (including Sunday) subject to a 50% extra charge
  • Cancellation charges: cancellation is acceptable to 1 day before the projected inspection date. After this limit, the services booked will be charged in full.
  • Missed Inspection: cancelled inspection on the projected day due to wrong information by Customer or factory subject to one man-day full charge. (We encourage Customers to re-charge this cost to the factory due to their mistake).
  • We match/beat any similar value offer from any Western management company.
  • Rates include Inspection Coordination, QC Plan Review,  Training, Transportation, Meals, Quick Report (same day), Formal Report (within 24-48hrs).
  • More info please check SBE Services Terms & Conditions

Other Fees

  • Inspection/Audit overtime (after 8 working hours) subject to a surplus of US$ 30/hr
  • Supplier Legal Registration Check US$98/supplier
  • Credit Report US$298/supplier
  • Additional Report US$35/product
  • Lab Test Management Fee US$75/product
  • Production Random Sample Picking US$150/time + Transportation


All services are to be prepaid, in case payment is received after service is performed or based on a monthly invoicing there is a surcharge of 5% of the total order. Normally all payments can be done online through Paypal or by electronic transfer.

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