A woman poses with a Chinese-branded bicycle at the Shanghai Exhibition Center during the China Brand Day event on Friday. Photo: ICThe upcoming May 10 marks the fifth China Brand Day and this year's theme will focus on "Dual Circulation and New Consumption," said the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), with an emphasis on continuously promoting China's own brands to help form a strong domestic market.

An international forum on the special day will be held by multiple governmental departments from May 10-12, aiming to strengthen Chinese corporate brand prestige and enhance publicity of the Chinese brands.

The international forum and exposition will be held both online and offline, and the exposition will be held at the Shanghai Exhibition Center with a total of 25,000 square meters space, Xia Nong, an inspector from the industry department of NDRC said on a press conference on Tuesday.

A total of 19 state-owned enterprises will participate in the exposition this year, primarily from the manufacturing, construction and service sectors.

China National Nuclear Corporation will show the Hualong-One nuclear reactor which reached an 85 percent of localization rate. The lander and ascender of Chang'e-5 will also appear at the expo, according to the press conference. Enterprises from other sectors will bring their exhibitions to showcase China's progress and achievements in developing domestic brands and technologies.

China announced to mark May 10 as the China Brand Day in an effort to improve the quality of domestic brands in 2017, and the day was instituted in a bid to upgrade the domestic supply and demand structure by improving the quality of all home-grown brands.

Source: Global Times