By booking your inspection and audit services with SBE you  enjoy Premium Access to Tech4Trade platform!

What is Tech4Trade?

Tech4Trade (T4T) is a web-based application designed to give you and your team a secure online place where to store, organize and share all your procurement projects from Product development, Supplier Sourcing, Order Management, Quality Management to Shipment Management.

What is in Tech4Trade Premium Access?

Tech4Trade Enterprise Edition allows your company to add unlimited users with full access to all procurement modules and basic functions.


Products. Everything starts from an idea of a product! T4T offers Companies a market-place where to create products either to buy or sell...


Request For Quotation (RFQ). Module allowing Buyers to receive and compare  Suppliers' quotes to a requirement for specific products, markets, purchasing volumes and other commercial details.


Supplier Audits. Module allowing Buyers to design and deploy their own assessments to Suppliers aiming for a deeper understanding of supply capability, legality and sustainability.


Purchase Orders. Module providing a common & secure place for Buyers/Suppliers to follow-up on their order agreements (or PI), payments, shipments, product inspections, documents, etc...


Product Inspections. Module allowing Buyers/Suppliers to design and launch product inspection projects all along the procurement cycle.


Shipments. Module allowing Companies to register, track and share all their shipments online. Keep all your export documents in one single and available place!

T4T is ALSO linked with SBE Procurement Solutions & SBE Inspection & Compliance in more than 10 countries and in a seamless way, you decide when and how you need SBE's support.

What about information security and control?

Security is a key issue of confidentiality of every business. It is extremely important for managers and owners to have control over the information handled by company's employees. T4T was designed thinking on this!

Now, owners and managers can control who and how the employees have access to the information stored in T4T. To set up the security in your company is quite fast and simple, there are three levels of security:


Company Roles
Based on a role, control who has access to modify your company's information and its members.


User Profiles
Control the access to read/create/edit/delete documents and other details.


Document Access
No matter the role or profile, control the type of access to any of your documents.
Other Features
boxConnections & Contacts. While you interact with T4T, you are building your connections and contacts directory (Buyers, Suppliers, Freight forwarders, Shipping company, etc... Share & collaborate your projects online!
boxCommunication Tools. Tech4Trade allow companies to stay in communication, not only inside but outside the online platform and directly from each users's email inbox. Users can follow up, register messages to a project, access a project and even change status of projects directly from any email client.
boxFile Manager. T4T file manager is design so you and your team can upload relevant files and pics all through your global sourcing projects. These files and pics can be openly shared inside the system or sent by email.