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Today I am going to tell you a little bit about what is the factory’s role when our Quality Inspector goes to an inspection. Usually, the inspections are conducted in the supplier’s premises, which means that the inspection environment varies greatly depending on the factory environment, such as how big, new or well-equipped it is.

So, how do the factory workers usually help our instructors?


The Quality Inspector needs manpower so that he/ she can focus on his main job: identifying defects and non-conformities. The help is needed also to ensure that the inspection is carried out in the specified time limit. The guys at the factory:

  • – Transport the randomly selected export cartons from the warehouse to the inspection room.
  • – Unpack the goods that the inspector selects from the export cartons.
  • – Repack the goods after the inspection.
Preparing Inspection Area
Preparing the Inspection Area

Working Space and Equipment

The factory workers prepare the working space for the inspector. The room should be clean and with a proper lighting. Also, it should be big enough to fit all the export cartons so that the Quality Inspector can easily select the random export cartons from the batch.

The products are always tested during an inspection, which means that all the equipment has to be available for the Inspector. The factory usually provides most of the equipment needed for testing, whereas the basic, small equipment is brought to the premises by the Inspector. The factory is responsible for checking the provided equipment beforehand.

Faulty Bottles found
Faulty Bottles found


This is one of the biggest concerns when we send a Quality Inspector to check goods. In China and elsewhere in Asia, there is a huge risk that the factory will try to give the inspector money so that he would give a good inspection result.

Factories should be clear about all the rules so that nothing is left unclear for them. They need to be fully aware that it is strictly prohibited to give any extra money to the Quality Inspector. The factory is responsible to inform the third party inspection company immediately if there is any suspicion.

As for the inspection company, it is highly recommended that we precisely and clearly outline all the supplier’s responsibilities in time, before the inspection date. This we always do in writing, and in best occasions, the supplier approves them in writing as well. This gives us clarification, eliminates confusion and reduces risks. It ensures the Quality Inspector the best environment possible at the inspection.

Repacking Bottles
Repacking Bottles

In real life, sometimes the factory workers have prepared the inspection area really well so that the Inspector can start the inspection right away, whereas sometimes it takes time to set up a table and all the needed equipment, as well as unpack the goods. It really depends on the factory.

What do you think: Are there some other things the factory is responsible for during an inspection?