28 December 2015,

seminar tableWhy Seminars?

As the economy gets more globalized and technology develops faster, also changes occur faster in every industry. What used to work yesterday is already outdated today, and this is one of the reasons why every year all the members of SBE meet together and discuss about how we do things and how we are going to do them in the future. This time we caught up in our Ningbo office in April

Currently, we have two main offices in China, one in Ningbo and another one in Shenzhen, and besides that, 7 commercial offices in 6 countries. That’s a lot of places! Even though technology helps us to be all in sync, there are some topics that are better to be discussed in person by all company members. This time we met in our brand new (our office has just moved to bigger premises;) office in Ningbo.


sergio and ivan discussing by laptopWhat was discussed?

All members of SBE are welcomed to the seminar because all of us have an important paper in the process of becoming your partner in China. Therefore, everyone’s input is needed. When we first meet, there is always someone we haven’t met face-to-face before, so first everyone introduces himself or herself. After this, everybody explains how they see and what is their role in the process of inspections, audits, sourcing services or shipping. This is very eye opening for the rest of us – we understand everyone’s role in the company and at the same time learn a lot from each other. This makes us feel like a family and like we are all friends who can share both the issues and findings we have faced and discovered from our work. Strengthening this bound makes us capable to deliver an even better service.

The topics of the seminars generally cover issues from what we have encountered and areas of opportunity we have found to new methods we have discovered. Most importantly, we discuss the overall input to provide our customers the best service.

During the 2015 SBE Seminar, we discussed about our new procedures on doing inspections. More precisely, we discussed how to apply the new technology to make the process easier and get results faster than ever before. We also discussed the goals for the next year, among them the most important of all – keeping customer satisfaction beyond 100 %!

We have come up with some very interesting ideas and proposals that you will see during the following months, so Stay Tuned!

sbe team china

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