Prevenga penalties & losses for damaged, incomplete, changed or missing goods

More and more, custom regulations are getting ever tighter. Besides preventing to ship a damaged container, confirming on labeling, product general conformance and quantities may save you from a lot of headache at destination.

Container Loading Supervision provides a confirmation that your finished goods are handled correctly when loaded into containers, this service usually takes place at the factory location(s) or third party warehouse and occurs after a Final Product Inspections


Why do you need a FRI?

  • Evite recibir diferentes productos de los que ordenó.
  • Asegúrese de que los productos no se dañen debido a métodos de empaque inadecuados o inapropiados.
  • Evite que las mercancías se mojen, ensucien o destruyan cuando se descargan debido a malas condiciones del Contenedor.
  • Cumpla con las regulaciones aduaneras para cantidades, embalaje, etiquetado y requisitos de código HS.

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