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Hey guys ūüôā This photo collection represents our inspectors’ journey during their inspection. Take a glance to know more about how we¬†proceed your inspection request. These are just several documentaries from thousands of our inspection history. Your satisfaction is our pleasure. Click on the photos to know more about how do we do the inspection of the specific products… Enjoy the photos!


6 Ningbo-ZhoushanSunset from Ningbo Port. Ningbo Port is 1 of ¬†the busiest ports in China and it’s world’s biggest port in term of throughput scale.


20150706_142326This photo was taken when our inspector did a sample management for security product line. Sample management is an important step to compare the result with what supplier has promised you.


20150730_100607This is how it looks like inside the consolidation warehouse. To make sure that your supplier doesn’t change your product before shipping, this step is important as supplier doesn’t usually connected with the consolidation warehouse.


IMG_2179A worker is welding the trolley framework. It is important to check the steel quality and how they handle it to prevent bad rust.


close look at pcb subwoofer speakerInside the subwoofer (similar to speaker). When dealing with electronic products, we need to check their inside carefully to prevent any unwanted things happen to the consumer.


Katri (left), my colleague from Finland, joined one of our inspectors to do the inspection on a fabric factory.


A textile machine at a fabric factory.

          phones sorting

Our inspection journey to one of the biggest smartphone manufacturers in China.

          Faulty Bottles found

Are they safe enough to be used? The inspection of drinking bottles has a lot of scopes to be checked, as safety is no. 1.