What is the meaning of real-time reporting?

As owner of the process and decision taker it is a priority for you to have prompt information about the your Suppliers compliance status of your goods. That is why SBE has developed a Real-time reporting technology that allows you to monitor the progress of your audit/inspections projects and without having to wait hours/days/weeks for a report.

What is the methodology SBE uses for inspections?

Inspections can be performed at 100%  of the products (mostly known as sorting), although due to the high cost of doing 100% inspection, SBE follow AQL ANSI/ASQ Z1.4- 2003 sampling standard and upon confirmation from customers.

Can I speak by telephone directly with some of your specialists?

Our solutions design teams are globally aligned while in possession of local knowledge. They work closely with our customers to get in depth understand of your needs and finding the optimal solution addressing these needs.

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What industry scope has SBE for QC services?

Among others Apparel, Automotive, Construction, Electrical, Energy, Home & Decor, Machinery, Merchandising, Security Items...

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What is Tech4Trade?

SBE uses Tech4Trade Online Supply Chain  Management Platform to deliver it’s QC inspection services same as for the delivery of other services.

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How to define what services I need and when?

It is up-to Buyer to define the need for Third-Party inspection services based on a risk assessment. In order to do so, SBE provides a practical guidelines.

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Why SBE..? SBE Vs. Others

Know more about why SBE, even though yet a young company, is a competitive player Vs. any bigger company in QA/QC service industry.

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How much responsibility SBE takes if things went wrong and my products are not good?

All SBE QC Services On-Demand are performed under the following Terms and Conditions.

Do I need prior consultation?

Prior to each service your service provider will work with you through an in-depth and FREE consultation. 

Can I pay with Credit Card or in Cash?

We accept all kind of payments. Normally CC payments are processed through PayPal. We can also accept Western Union Payment or TT Transfers.

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