21 December 2013,

Why I should consider to perform an Audit/Assessment to new suppliers?

After receiving quotations from a potential supplier, it is critical to base your supplier selection not only by the lowest price… Many suppliers advertise themselves in the internet without having formal operations or even a company. What you are looking for is to:

  • Minimize the risks of ghost companies.
  • Check on basic legal registration status.
  • Analyze current manufacturing capabilities and expertise.
  • Make sure what is advertised is real…

Should I perform Audits to my existing suppliers?

Audits are part of Quality Assurance preventive measures. Even if you’ve been working for years with your existing suppliers, it is recommended to perform audits on a regular basis to confirm that any of the corrective actions you’re implemented in the past have permanent measures to be permanent.

Certain markets/customers may require you to work with certified suppliers, meaning suppliers that can comply with any specific quality standard. Examples of these types of audits are SA8000, Loreal Audit, etc…

How expensive is to perform an onsite assessment?

SBE offers you the flexibility to define how deep you want to go into confirming your Supplier’s capabilities and without draining your wallet.

We suggest to start with Supplier On-Site Surveys(SOS) or Supplier Capability Self-Assessments(SCA) for your suppliers (both for only 288USD all inclusive in China), these are very affordable reports that allow you to filter any potential suppliers based on a self assessment coordinated with a local SBE Analyst.

These studies are also delivered as part of the SBE Supplier Sourcing Research service in order to speed up your Supplier Selection process. For more details about sourcing services go to our corporate webpage here

Are these reports public? Will my reports be shared with other buyers?

NO, each report is confidential. Since every single audit/assessment considers specific requests, every service is preformed in a unique and confidential way.

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