1 April 2016


1 April 2016,

It’s April, everyone!!! Wow, how time flies 🙂 Have you prepare pranks for your friends in this April Mop? lol! I’ve prepared a gallery […]

14 March 2016


14 March 2016,

Hey guys 🙂 This photo collection represents our inspectors’ journey during their inspection. Take a glance to know more about how we proceed your inspection […]

21 December 2015

Where should the goods be inspected?

21 December 2015,

Goods Should Always Be Inspected at the Subcontractor Site   Many times visits at subcontractors’ sites are denied by suppliers. There are many reasons behind […]

30 September 2015

Here’s one Supplier Capability Assessment

30 September 2015,

Hey quality control freaks, and girls especially! Today I will tell you about Supplier Capability Assessment, aka SCA. This is an audit that we […]

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