Don’t wait for a report to take action!

That’s right! SBE Inspection and Compliance, as part of SBE International Holdings Ltd, is the FIRST & ONLY company in the world to offer to its clients the capability to monitor the progress of an inspection/audit service and receive  results instantly…

Plan Inspection!

  •  Configure your inspection or audit requirements online.
  • have your colleagues/customers/experts to collaborate on your inspection requirements and
  • have SBE Engineers helping you to complete your request and coordinate with your Supplier the best time for the inspection.

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Follow up in Real Time!

  • As soon as the inspection/audit starts, monitor the progress of the inspection/audit and the non-conformances found right from your laptop or mobile device. Same wise you could set notifications via SMS or email.


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Collaborate & Fix on the go!

  • Without have to wait for a report, share your inspection results and collaborate with your suppliers at the moment.

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Take instant actions to maximize your safety and minimize your risks! To know more about Real-Time services contact us!




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