21 December 2013,

Are all transportation cost allowances considered when your services are hired?

Normally yes, we cover the majority of provinces and cities in China, same as other countries in Asia. If it’s on a remote, or with difficult access, extra expenses may be considered.

What is the difference between a regular QC Inspection and sorting?

Sorting can be defined as the process of arranging (separating) items in a sequence. It implies a 100% sample inspection and it´s necessity varies from industry to industry. Sorting is needed when a product malfunction can carry fatal consequences (the braking system is not working in the Automotive Industry), when the high cost of any imperfection makes the product useless (Stainless wheels for Automotive Spare Parts and Accessories) or when the natural process demands it (extraction of gold from ore).

Normally products are sorted according to specific parameters and it is normally charged per man/hour.

As for regular QC inspections, there is a deeper and wider inspection procedure to be considered. It is normally performed based on a random sampling method and follows the AQL acceptance and rejection rules defined in the ANSI/ASQ Z1.4- 2003 standard. It could involve the checking of several product specifications, same as performing certain tests and measurement studies. These services are normally charged by man/day.

What inspections or how many are recommended?

This may vary based mainly on the following factors:

  • Your industry. e.g. pharmaceutical, toys and food industries are considered high risks due to their obvious impact, hence tighter measures on quality assurance and control methods are required.
  • New suppliers e.g. New suppliers are more likely into higher risks of committing mistakes and missing important specs, hence a complete inspection program from beginning to end is recommended on the first time.
  • New products e.g. new designs and models are in higher risks to have inconsistencies or errors than recurrent ordered products.

In any case find here SBE recommendations for a safer buying experience.

How much time it takes to have the inspection results?

If the inspection fails, according to your instructions, we will notify you at the moment through a Non-Conformance Alert or a Quick Report on the same day of the inspection so that you can take on-time decisions. Also, within 24-36 hours you will receive the formal report.

Know more about SBE’s QC inspection procedure and value added activities.

Can you perform the inspection on the same day of the container loading?

Yes, but we don’t recommend it. Why?

The Final Product Inspection (FPI or Pre-Shipment Inspection as called by other companies) is a product inspection and aims to determine the conformance to customer´s order requirements and needs, this requires time and cooperation from supplier, besides the fact that if there are Non-Conformances or the inspection Fails, decisions to accept or reject the goods may be taken under pressure due to the container booking arrangements and other uncontrollable situations.

We strongly recommend to perform the FPI days before the container loading or goods departing suppliers facilities. Consequently, if the inspection fails or there are things to be resolved, these issues can be verified easily and punctually on the same day the container is leaving supplier’s facilities, besides the opportunity to check on quantities, conditions of the export cartons, container, and the loading progress.

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How much responsibility SBE takes if things went wrong and my products are not good?

All SBE QC Services On-Demand are performed under the following Terms and Conditions. SBE company will take responsabilities accordingly


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