1 April 2016
1 April 2016,

It’s April, everyone!!! Wow, how time flies 🙂 Have you prepare pranks for your friends in this April Mop? lol!

I’ve prepared a gallery that consists our inspection journey. Gain some insights of the photos and know more about the inspection process of the particular product by clicking on the picture. Enjoy!





inspectors and factoryOur inspector and engineer are working together for a textile factory audit


inspectingOne of the many processes that need to be done in the LED inspection

man making lanterns

What effects does Chinese New Year have on quality? Beware!






Waiting for the factory workers to help us preparing the inspection. Does good cooperation with supplier mean they bribe us? NO!

sorting for leather

Girls’ power undertake the factory! Do you need western experts to undergo your inspection?





Product Inspection

In a Container Loading Supervision inspection. See the white pockets hanging on the container roof? They’re the tools to keep the container’s humidity.

production line

Guess what factory is this? It’s a kitchen appliances factory. Click the picture to know more about the process of doing the SOS in this factory! SOS? 

sbe team china

This is us! SBE team 🙂



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