19 December 2012,

About the process

How is the inspection process? What shall I do?.
All SBE QA/QC Services are requested from our online platform and following an easy 5 step process. Click here to access the online version.
What is the methodology SBE uses for inspections?

Inspections can be performed at 100% of the products (mostly known as sorting), although due to the high cost of doing 100% inspection, SBE follow AQL ANSI/ASQ Z1.4- 2003 sampling standard and upon confirmation from customers. For more information about SBE Inspection methodologies click here to access the online version.

How and when inspection reports are delivered?
SBE uses Tech4Trade online application to deliver it’s QC inspection services same as for the delivery of other services. Access T4T application here. (Please request a trial account first)

How to define what services are required and when?
It is up-to customer to define the need for inspections based on a risk assessment study. In order to do so, SBE provides a specific guideline to do so. Access the online version here for QA services  and for QC Services.

How much responsibility SBE takes if things went wrong and my products are not good?
All SBE QC Services On-Demand are performed under the following Terms and Conditions. SBE Company will take responsibilities accordingly.

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